I am a big fan of books …For example:

Malory towers, st clare’s, dork diaries and much more,oh who am I kiddingg?I am bored, I would be at school but I

live in Andalucia witch is n spain and today is dia (day) de(of) Andalucia and I have the whole week of , Please send me comments of things to write about I will even give you credit for it.Flower header image


spoon scarebugs

To make this spoon person you will need :

a wooden spoon ,paints ,markers and glue.

then paint the entire big spoon skin colored or any other color you like ,color scary eyes on with markers draw on a dress.

take some papers and make a small hat then sick it on with glue the put it in a flower pot


Bored already!

Well why not make a to do list :

invent a business and invite friends to be the staff,make your own blog,imagine your own country and capital flag species national anthem…….,listen to music,learn some other language ….


Do you love learning too ?

One way to spend your time is too learn, but not the boring kind the cool kind.

you will need:

IMG_0560 Markers Paper

If you don’t know what the last one is its a big peace of paper.

then take the paper and spread it out ,take another green peace of paper and and cut out trees then stick them out on the big one , if you want you can  cut out little flowers to stick on .

Then look up animal pictures color them and stick them on ,and aside put some facts.